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ICE LEMON TEA / Lemon Tea / Chilling in Hong Kong
ICE SARSI / Gold Sparkle / Bask in Bali
TARO / Meli into Warmth
ICE COLA / Dark Sparkle / Fizz for Days
ICE WATERMELON / Fresh Red / Sunbathing in Greece
ICE MUNG BEAN / Ludou Ice / Blast from the Past
ICE MANGO / Tropical Fruit / Diving in Vietnam
ICE PASSION FRUIT / Exotic Passion / Bathe in Bali
ICE PEACH OOLONG / Fruit Tea / Revive Your Day
CLASSIC / Classic Tobacco / Crushing on Cuba
ICE MINT / Naked in Iceland
ICE GRAPE / Tangy Purple / Laze in Italy
ICE HONEYDEW/ Mellow Melody / Lost in Rhythm
ICE BLUEBERRY / Blue Burst / Drunk in Mexico
ICY SLUSH / White Freeze / Dipped in Memories
ICE LYCHEE / Fragrant Fruit / Drenched in Nectar
ICE RED BULL / Turbo Red / Lift Off Ground




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